How to be Stronger: The One Requirement

Based on our last post, we know that “strength” is specific to the task at hand.  So who do you choose to help you move your furniture?  You’ll have long awkward couches, square dense boxes, floppy uncooperative mattresses: it it possible to be good at lifting all this different stuff?  And no, you can’t choose a professional furniture mover!

luke big lift

Credit Luke Slotemaker and Shutter Sport

I’d like to suggest that being strong overall involves one major thing.  Yes, some people have huge hands and crushing grips, others have short thick legs, which makes them great at squatting heavy weights.  You’ll never be able to beat everyone at everything, but you’ll be good across the board if you….

How to be Stronger

Strength is a skill.  While it’s tempting to believe that strength is something that some people are born with, or is something superhuman, or the product of having big muscles, the truth is that demonstrating strength is not much different than playing the piano, having a good tennis serve, kicking a ball, or even texting super fast!  It’s something that you get better at the more you practice it.  They key is to practice it well, and to practice the particular aspects of strength that you want to get good at.